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How To Speak Philadelphian


Have some fun with this list of how to speak Philadelphian or should I say "Fluffyan?"
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Ack A Me - Major supermarket chain.
  2. Arthur-itis - Major joint disease.
  3. Beg’ll - The Jewish bread usually eaten at breakfast.
  4. Daddy - What dads call their kids.
  5. Downashore - Where people go for a summer vacation.
  6. Fluffya, Fill Uff Ya - Two other ways to pronounce our city.
  7. Iggles - The football team that plays in South Philadelphia.
  8. Mayan and Urine - Mine and yours.
  9. Mommy - What mothers call their kids.
  10. School Kill - The name of a river and a highway.
  11. Segal - The bird that flies around down at the shore.
  12. Thirsty - The day before Friday.
  13. Widges - With you.
  14. Wooder - H2o.
  15. Wooder Eyes - Italian Ice/Shaved Ice.


  1. If you learn these sixteen phrases you will have a good grasp on how Philadelphians speak.
  2. A Philadelphia accent is much easier to understand than a New York City accent.
  3. People from the Main Line don't sound anything like this.

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