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Independence National Historical Park Photos


Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Photo by John Fischer
We are pleased to offer you our photographs and pictures of Independence National Historical Park and the surrounding area of Old City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The easiest way to view the photos is to start with the first photo and click on the link to the next photo.  Enjoy your virtual visit to Independence National Historical Park.

Independence Hall - South Side
Second Bank of the United States
Horse Drawn Carriages
Statue of Robert Morris
Library Hall

Current Liberty Bell Pavilion
The Liberty Bell
Model of New Liberty Bell Pavilion
Independence Hall - North Side
Betsy Ross House

Visitor Center
First Bank of the United States
United States Mint
Christ Church - Exterior
Christ Church - Interior

18th Century Garden
Todd House
Carpenters' Hall
Franklin Court
Fife and Drum Players

Statue of Robert Morris
Statue of Commodore John Barry
Statue of George Washington
Congress Hall - Exterior
Congress Hall - Interior

Philadelphia Exchange
Welcome Park
Welcome Park
Row Houses - Bishop White House
City Tavern

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