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Philadelphia Area Fall Foliage

The fall foliage season is at its peak in the Philadelphia area. The sad news is that it will all be over much too soon as the rain and wind drives the leaves from the trees. 

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There are so many places in the area that feature wonderful and scenic views of Philadelphia area fall foliage.

In the city itself, Fairmount Park is filled with bike paths, jogging trails, scenic drives and wilderness trails. Did you know that Fairmount Park is ten times the size of New York's Central Park? A walk along the banks of the Schuylkill River at this time of year is particularly rewarding.

The Morris Arboretum has numerous walking paths, a rose garden and a special Garden Railway Display for your enjoyment.

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Throughout October, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square is awash in the beauty of nature. Longwood's 1050 acres are filled with shades of gold, orange, yellow and red. Golden honey locusts and ginkgoes, scarlet sweet gums and sourwoods, and ruby northern red oaks add bursts of color. The Flower Garden Walk explodes with amber, burnt orange, deep crimson, and hot scarlet mums, while water lilies glisten under crisp skies.

Bucks County is a prime destination for views of fall foliage. A drive along Route 32, River Road, from Washington Crossing to New Hope is a favorite day trip for many locals. Be sure to get to the top of Bowman's Hill Tower for amazing views of the surrounding countryside. 

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North of New Hope you can see many of Bucks County's 12 covered bridges. Few things are more lovely than these reminders of years past on a bright fall day.

Montgomery County is home to Valley Forge National Historical Park, where George Washington's Continental Army spent the winter of 1777-78. With over 3600 acres or hillside and lush woods, Valley Forge is a great place to spend a fall day.

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Delaware County has several parks where you can appreciate the wonder of fall. Media's Rose Tree Park and nearby Ridley Creek Park offer remarkably quiet and less crowded opportunities to appreciate the season's colors.

Thanks to photography, however, we are able to capture and preserve some of the images of the beauty that surrounds us here in Southeastern Pennsylvania each fall.

The images of fall in this article were taken at Rose Tree Park, Ridley Creek State Park and Crum Creek in Delaware County and Washington Crossing State Park in Bucks County, NJ. Click on any picture for a larger image. All photos were taken by John Fischer, your About Guide to the Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey area.

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