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2010 Philadelphia Flower Show Photos

Pictures of "Passport to the World"


Bright, fragrant and gorgeous, the Philadelphia International Flower Show ushers in spring every year with stunning floral displays from both floral professionals and hobbyists alike. The 2010 Flower Show, themed "Passport to the World," featured everything from bright Indian gardens to polar-white, ice-trapped lilies to a display created entirely in old shipping crates. Below, browse through images of orange-petaled giraffes, luscious orchids, rose-backed lobsters and more.
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Flower-covered balloonThe Balloon Centerpieceentryway displayEntryway DisplayorchidsOrchidslionLion
flowering giraffeFlowering Giraffegiraffe flowersGiraffe Detailsbagged plantsBags in "Box"box detail"Box" Detail
lillies trapped in iceLilies Trapped in Iceicicles Polar Fantasy Detailthai tranquility gardeThai Tranquility Gardenwhite orchidsWhite Orchids
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