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Franklin Square Opens for its Second Season


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Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel
Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel, Franklin Square, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel, Franklin Square, Philadelphia, PA

Photo by John Fischer

The Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel is one of the highlights of Franklin Square The brand new carousel (and only one in the City of Philadelphia) provides great fun for young and old and brings to mind one of Philadelphia's great stories.

Philadelphia was once the carousel-making capital of the world with the three biggest fabricators headquartered in the city in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Gustav Dentzel set up the first American Carousel in Philadelphia in the 1860's, making it one of the first carousels in the western hemisphere. Gustav's son, William H. Dentzel took over the company and built a carousel in Germantown, where it remained until it was moved to Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio in 1968.

Formed in 1904. the Philadelphia Toboggan Co. was another company that made Philadelphia its home. In the next thirty years founders Henry Auchy and Chester Albright manufactured more than 75 carousels, thirty of which are still in existence.

The third manufacturer that opened in Philadelphia was Daniel Carl Muller who settled in Philadelphia in the 1880s and established D.C. Muller and Brother Co. The company ran from 1903 to 1914 and crafted figures for over twelve carousels.

Eventually, the exquisite "Philadelphia Style" emerged and dominated the carousel industry, exhibited by large, strong, and realistic features of the horses and other figures. Many of the animals that make up the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel have been modeled in that style.

A ride on the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel costs $3 for adults, $2 for children (3-12)and is free for children under 2.

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