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Franklin Square Opens for its Second Season


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Philadelphia Police and Fireman's Monument
Police and Fireman's Monument, Franklin Square, Philadelphia, PA

Police and Fireman's Monument, Franklin Square, Philadelphia, PA

Photo by John Fischer

Erected in 1976 for the Bicentennial Celebration the Philadelphia Police and Fireman's Monument, officially called the "Living Flame Memorial," honors Philadelphia police officers and firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Sadly, if you try to look it up on Google, you won't find any information at all about the memorial or its history.

Surrounded on two sides by busy highways and located at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the memorial, like the rest of the park, was soon forgotten by almost all for the 30 years since it's construction.

Equally forgotten in the square was Burial Ground of the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ at 4th and Race Streets. Located in the eastern portion of Franklin Square it holds the graves of many church members and five pastors who died between 1741 and 1835. It also will be cleaned up and maintained as part of the renovation of Franklin Square.

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