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Little Baby's Ice Cream and Pizza Brain

The American Dream is Alive on Frankford Avenue

By Molly Gavin


Little Babies Ice Cream

Address: 2311 Frankford Avenue

Website: www.littlebabysicecream.com

Pizza Brain

Address: 2313 Frankford Avenue

Website: www.pizzabrain.org

The America Dream is alive on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown. Two young entrepreneurs are set to open shops by the end of summer 2012. The first is Little Baby's Ice Cream. Jeffery Zigga, a long time employee of concert promoters, R5 Productions is opening his "world headquarters " on 2311 Frankford Avenue. Zigga sells handmade, small-batch, "super premium" ice cream and vegan ice-cream. With their emphasis on non-dairy and vegan ice cream, they proclaim, "ice cream is for everyone." Until now Little Baby's has been a mobile operation. Their ice cream tricycle has been pedaling it's frozen goodness to various outdoor events. They also have ice-cream stands at Morgan's Pier and Union Transfer. But now Little Baby's will have it's own brick and mortar business. Their dairy is sourced from a local Pennsylvanian farm. In addition to the basics, Little Baby's creates unique flavors like Balsamic Banana, Earl Grey Siracha, Hawaiian Pizza, and Chipotle Chocolate. Think this sounds gross? Then you simply must try them. They are flavors only a mad genius could create and they are shockingly delicious. The secret ingredient in all Little Babies flavors? You guessed it, love. From their tricycle they say, "Yes we rode it here. Yes it's heavy. Yes we love what we do."

Set to open just next door at the end of summer 2012 is Pizza Brain, a pizza shop and pizza museum from Philadelphia artist, Brian Dwyer. In 2010, Dwyer and Christopher Powell (of Philly band Man Man) organized "Give Pizza Chance," - Philadelphia's first pizza-based art show. More than 25 artists created pieces inspired by pizza. Bolstered by the success of the show Dwyer began seeking out more pizza related memorabilia. The resulting collection is impressive, in fact Brian Dwyer is the Guinness record holder for such a collection . Artifacts include: Pizza Drop, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game, a stainless steel pizza cuter shaped like the USS Enterprise, a copy of the adult film Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls, Barbie Dolls, sleeping bags, tons of records honoring pizza in song and lyric and more. This Museum would be impressive on it's own, but it wouldn't be complete without a brick oven serving up actual pizza. Dwyer wants Pizza Brain to be thought of as a family friendly pizza place. He is also committed to running his business in a "socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible fashion." He plans to use locally sourced food to create his artisan pizza. Like Little Baby's, you can expect Pizza Brain to produce some innovative creations along with the classic toppings.

It's clear that these two young adults have big hearts. Not only do they LOVE pizza and ice cream, but they love our city. They're both producing innovative products using all natural, locally sourced materials. Opening your own business and working if for yourself is the very essence of they "American Dream," and these two entrepreneurs will be successful because they love the craft and they love what they do.

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