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Government & Civic Issues

A primer on Philadelphia's government and major civic issues, plus information on how to pay a parking ticket, contact local officials, vote, and so on.

Philadelphia Polling Places
Learn where and when to vote.

New Jersey Polling Places
Find your South Jersey polling place and discover how long polls are open for voting.

Sidewalk Snow Removal
Information about Philadelphia's sidewalk snow-removal code and where to hire snow shovelers.

Philadelphia Casinos
An overview of the casino issue in Philadelphia, including history, support and opposition.

Philadelphia Flood Safety

What to do when the rivers rise.

Pennsylvania Fireworks Laws
Information on buying and possessing fireworks in Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Fireworks Laws
Information on purchasing and possessing fireworks in New Jersey.

The City of Philadelphia's Official Website

Committee of 70
A non-profit, non-partisan Philadelphia political watchdog group.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority
Find parking, purchase a Smart Card, pay a violation or get permit parking information on the PPA's site.

The State of Pennsylvania's Official Website

New Philadelphia Casinos - Are New Philadelphia Casinos Good for the City?
Share your opinion -- is building new Philadelphia casinos helpful or harmful to the city?

Philadelphia Demographics
Demographics of Philadelphia

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