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Philadelphia Sidewalk Snow Removal


According to Philadelphia Code 10-720, "The owner, agent and tenants of any building or premises shall clear a path of not less than 30 inches in width on all sidewalks abutting the building or premises withing 6 hours after the snow has ceased to fall." Failure to comply in Philadelphia sidewalk snow removal could result in penalties ranging from $100 to $300, and residents can also be penalized for dumping the snow from their sidewalks into the street.

While not part of the sidewalk snow-removal code, the city also requests that residents help keep snow clear of storm drains and fire hydrants.

If you're searching for someone to clear your sidewalk for you, one of the best places to look is on craigslist, where can either post a sidewalk-shoveling gig or browse ads from people offering their services.

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