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Mama's Wellness Joint

A Yoga Studio and Wellness Center Opens in Midtown

By Molly Gavin

Wellness means more than physical health. Wellness is a concept that incorporates a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit. It is fitting then that local yoga teacher and doula Paige Chapman named her brand new studio Mama's Wellness Joint. The tag line reads "a supportive community of health, love, birth and beauty." This is more than just a yoga studio. Mama's Wellness joint provides a range of alternative wellness workshops and yoga classes. The staggering list includes adult, prenatal, postpartum, family, and children's yoga; Reiki; birth and breastfeeding education, infant care, nutritional education and products, and ayurveda for starters. There is an in-house massage therapist offering traditional and prenatal massage and a retail space with holistic health and beauty products and even food such as raw milk products which are purported to have medicinal benefits. Whew. There's a lot going on over at 11th and Pine!

Mama's Wellness Joint is the brain child of Philadelphia born Page Chapman. She fell in love with yoga in 1998 while taking it as a compliment to her college dance studies. Paige began teaching the practice in 2003 after she was certified at OM Yoga Studios in Manhattan. She has taught in New York, San Francisco and of course, Philadelphia. A talented and graceful yoga teacher, she gained a large and loyal following. Meanwhile a love of photography and design led her to create Home Story Photo. Paige lovingly photographs photographs peoples homes and prints them into leather bound books. Home Story is a great idea for people who love their homes and anyone looking for home design inspiration. Anyway, Paige went back to OM in 2009 to get certified in prenatal yoga and soon after became a certified doula at Birth Arts International. Doulas are people who help support women through child birth. They provide information for new mothers before, during and after birth. They psychically support you during the process offering breathing, acupressure and herbal relaxation and pain management techniques. Once again Paige was highly sought after. Soon Paige was inspired to take the next step and incorporate her skills and philosophies into a one stop shop for family wellness and in October 2012 Mama's opened it's doors.

Mama's Wellness Joint is fresh approach to health and well being and the a very unique addition to Philadelphia. It's certainly not only a place for women. It's holistic approach to health extends to the entire family. They even offer Daddy and me yoga classes (so cute). Paige has an ever changing roster of upcoming events. Many of them are introductory and welcoming to people just looking to experiments with new techniques, such as a free Reiki workshop. There are many people out there myself included who have heard of Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique, but have not yet tried. There are "Infant Care Basics," nutrition, and breastfeeding workshops. Though Mama's is in a beautiful space it is completely without pretense and is a comforting safe haven for all people but especially those embarking on the journey of parenthood.

Mama's Wellness Center

Address: 1100 Pine Street

Phone: 267-519-9037

Website: www.mamaswellnessjoint.com

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