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Living in Philadelphia


From finding housing to navigating Philadelphia's streets, understanding local laws and issues, to tips on frugal living, this is where you'll find information on everyday life in Greater Philadelphia.

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Broad Street Line Train

Whether you want to travel by car, train, bus, trolley, bike or even boat, learn more about how to get where you need to go.


power lines

From hooking up your cable TV to getting help in a time of need, get things done with these Philadelphia-area services.

Government, Laws & Civic Issues

City Hall

From politics to parking, here's where you can familiarize yourself with local laws, issues and related information.

Frugal Living


Who doesn't like saving money? Here you'll find tips on how to live better, cheaper in Greater Philadelphia.

Photo Galleries


From special events to neighborhoods and more, see what life looks like in Greater Philadelphia.

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