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A Walking Tour of FDR Park (Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park), Philadelphia, PA


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Overview of FDR Park
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park FDR Park

Hollander Creek in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park (FDR Park), Philadelphia, PA

Photo by John Fischer
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park is a green oasis in South Philadelphia. Bordered by the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, I-95 and Pattison Avenue, the Park is best known as a place to park for Philadelphia Eagles games.

FDR Park is comprised of 348 acres, which includes a 146 acre golf course, 125 acres of managed landscapes and 77 acres of natural lands, including ponds and lagoons.

The park was designed in the early 1900's by the well known landscape architectural firm of the Olmsted brothers and the design was modified for the Sesquicentennial Exposition in 1926.

The ponds and lagoons are remnants of the tidal marsh and channel system which originally occupied the area between the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers.

FDR Park is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll, bicycle ride, nature walk or picnic. For the sports enthusiast it has baseball fields, a skatepark, tennis courts and plenty of paths for biking or jogging.

Many locals enjoy just bringing their lawn chairs and sitting under the shade talking story with their friends.

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