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Documentaries/Movies about the Titanic

Our picks for the best movies and documentaries about the Titanic.
Titanic - Directed by James Cameron
This official site of the 1998 Academy Award winning Best Picture "Titanic" starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet contains detailed information about the film as well as extensive background information about the ship.
Ghosts of the Abyss - 3D Adventure
The official site of the 2003 James Cameron film made especially for IMAX 3D Theatres and specially outfitted 35mm 3D theaters offers detailed information about the making of the film as well as trailers, wallpaper and information on where the film is playing.
A Night to Remember - ReelViews
James Berardinelli's review detailed and insightful review of this 1958 British documentary-style drama which is widely considered the best of the many movies made about the sinking of the Titanic.
Amazon.com Titanic Documentaries/Movies - DVD
Amazon.com offers over twenty documentaries and movies on DVD about the Titanic.
Amazon.com Titanic Documentaries/Movies - VHS
Amazon.com offers over eighty documentaries and movies on VHS about the Titanic.
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