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Philadelphia Experiment Facts & Fiction

We examine the known facts, fiction and questionable issues involving the USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia Experiment in the fall of 1943.
Philadelphia Experiment - What's Your Opinion?
Share your opinion about what really happened in Philadelphia in the fall of 1943. Was it fact or fiction? Read what others About members have to say.
A Twisted Tale
The original story of the Philadelphia Experiment, from Loy Lawhon, our About Guide to UFOs/Alliens.
Alias Carlos Allende
The following article originally appeared in the October 1980 issue of FATE Magazine. Goerman's investigations and insights remain valuable today -- especially in light of continued misconceptions about the Philadelphia Experiment myth that the years have yet to diminish.
Anatomy Of A Hoax The Philadelphia Experiment 50 Years Later
Examination and rebuttal of the occurrences involving the USS Eldridge, known as "The Philadelphia Experiment".
Information Sheet: Philadelphia Experiment
The Department of Navy Office of Naval Research's Official Information Sheet on the "Philadelphia Experiment".
Photo of the USS Eldridge (DE-173) 1943-1951
From the Naval Historical Center, photos and factual information on the USS Eldridge.
Skeptic's Dictionary - The Philadelphia Experiment
Historical fact or urban legend, the Skeptic's Dictionary offers their opinion.
The Astronomer and the Sailor
The peculiar story of the Philadelphia Experiment from Loy Lawhon, About's Guide to UFOs/Alliens.
The Phila. Experiment - What They Didn't Want You To Know
Did the Navy really succeed in making a ship and crew disappear into thin air? New evidence is revealed in the pages of ViewZone Magazine.
The Philadelphia Experiment - Naval Historical Center
The Department of the Navy's Naval Historical Center presents the official story about what did, or did not happen, to the USS Eldridge in the fall of 1943.
The Philadelphia Experiment and Ascension
A highly scientific examination of "The Philadelphia Experiment" and its place in the realm of the big picture of UFOlogy, metaphysics and government cover-ups.
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