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Scrapple Recipes

Scrapple is chopped or ground pork and cornmeal mush, cooked and shaped in a loaf pan, cooled, then sliced and browned in butter to serve. It is a true American specialty of the Pennsylvania Dutch (who called it ponhaws or pawnhaus). It was originally made from ‘scraps' of pork.
Basic Scrapple Recipe
Take some pigs knuckles, pork meat, onions, cloves cornmeal and seasonings and you can make your own scrapple at home with this recipe from RecipeSource.
Modern Day Scapple
A more up-to-date recipe for scrapple from the pages of Global Gourmet.
Old-fashioned Scrapple
The name of this Pennsylvania Dutch dish comes from the chopped "scraps" of cooked pork that are mixed with ground cornmeal broth and seasonings. The squares of scrapple are fried and traditionally served hot for breakfast or brunch.
Philadelphia Scrapple
Scrapple recipe courtesy Bette's Oceanview Diner and found on Global Gourmet.
Pork Mush -- The Pennsylvania Treat
A nice background piece about scrapple written by Lynn Kerrigan and found on Global Gourmet.
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