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Information on public transportation, car sharing, bicycling, driving, and generally getting from point A to point B in Philadelphia.

A Revolutionary New Transportation System Comes to Philly
Uber Launches Their Town Car Service in the City of Brotherly Love

Getting to Philadelphia
Getting to Philadelphia - Traveling to Philadelphia By Train - Traveling to Philadelphia By Car - Traveling to Philadelphia by Bus - Flying to Philadelphia

Public Transportation in Philadelphia
Public Transportation in Philadelphia

Getting to New York from Philadelphia
Cheapest and Best Ways to Travel Between Philadelphia and New York

Information about Philadelphia's public transportation system, including how to plan your trip and where to buy fares.

SEPTA Strikes
An overview of the history and effects of SEPTA strikes, plus information on what to do during a public transportation strike in Philadelphia

Bus Carriers That Service Philadelphia
Whether you're hopping up to New York for the day or want to haul across the country, Philadelphia has a variety of bus carriers to choose from.

The national rail system services Philadelphia at 30th Street Station.

NJ Transit
Information on South Jersey bus and rail lines and how to travel between New Jersey and Philadelphia.

PennDOT Driver & Vehicle Services
How to register your car, get/renew your driver's license, and other driving-related information from the PA Department of Transportation.

The Philadelphia International Airport
Information on arrivals, departures, available airlines, and transportation to and from the Philadelphia International Airport.

The official website for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), which runs subways, buses, trolleys, and regional rail lines in Philadelphia and beyond.

Philadelphia Popular for Many Types
Resources for Visitors

People with Special Needs in Philadelphia
People with Special Needs in Philadelphia

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